Facility Reservations

Facility Reservations

If you are interested in reserving the Fellowship Hall or any other church venues please review the information listed below and contact our Church Office at 870-367-9833 for completion of required physical documents.  Complete the online form below in order to notify us as soon as possible of your requests so that we may plan.  This form does not guarantee approval or the reservation as requested.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

  • All use of the facilities of Calvary Baptist Church must be approved by the Deacons of Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Any request to utilize the facility must be made at least one (1) month prior to the desired date to allow adequate time for review and approval.
  • Community organizations may request to use the facility provided one responsible individual will fill out the facility use form.
  • Members of the church may request to use the facility for a personal or family activity by filling out the facility use form.
  • The facilities of Calvary Baptist Church may not be used for fundraising except by church organizations as approved by the deacons or in business meeting.
  • The church facilities may not be used for any activity deemed against the purposes of Calvary Baptist Church.
  • A prior approval for similar use does not guarantee future approval.
  • No individual may grant approval without permission of the deacons.
  • If two organizations request the same date at the same time the church organization will take precedence; if both requests are not church organizations, a community organization takes precedence over an individual; among individuals, an active church member takes precedence over an inactive church member. Calvary Baptist Church cannot guarantee that all aspects of the facility will be in good working order. However, we will do our best to contact you if there is a maintenance issue that could affect your use of the facility.
  • After this form is submitted, it will be reviewed by the deacons for approval. Once approved, you will be contacted and told your use is approved and calendared. Do not assume approval or announce your usage until your request has been approved.
  • Prior violations of the guidelines stated above will result in automatic denial of use.

Remember to plan ahead! The deacons meet the 2nd Sunday of every month, so your request must be submitted before then. You are responsible to pick-up and return keys in coordination with the church office. The church cannot guarantee unlock service outside of church office hours, you must pick up a key and be responsible for it.

Guidelines for Facility Use

  • All food and disposable items are to be provided by the requesting party. If church stored items are used, please contact the church office to arrange to replace them.
  • Clean all areas and items utilized, including floors, kitchen, utensils, cooking devices, tables, chairs, and remove all food from the refrigerator. Food may be left for a week if plans are made for it.
  • Empty garbage cans. If dumpster is full or unavailable, remove bagged garbage from the church grounds.
  • Return all tables, chairs, and equipment to where you found it.
  • Return heat/air units to where they were programmed and turn off all lights (except the lights under the covered drop-off) when leaving (inside and outside).
  • Unplug and clean coffee pot in kitchen if utilized.
  • Turn off oven and stove.
  • Check and lock all doors.
  • Inform the church office if any items were found to be in a non-working condition or if any item or building is damaged during use.
  • Please be courteous and leave areas as they were.

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